Get Your Group Together For Some Fun!

You want to party at StoneFire Pizza Company. We want to party with you at StoneFire Pizza Company. Let’s make it happen!

Contact us today so we can start planning your next event. From small parties to close-outs, our courteous and professional staff is on-hand to assure your experience is a hit!

Lounge Room

Lounge Area

Our Lounge Room can accommodate up to 120 guests and is dressed to impress. StoneFire offers both mini and full buffet options for your group. Our AV system – complete with wireless microphones, a laptop workstation, and plenty of TVs – makes this room perfect for your next awards night or end-of-the-season team celebration.

The Lounge is also perfect for multimedia meetings – the centerpiece being our 70-inch LCD TV. Throw in over ten other screens and you’ll assure that none of your guests miss out on the action.


StoneFire Pizza Company is a relaxing and fun place for your next meeting, banquet, awards dinner, or holiday party. Stuffy ballrooms and conference centers pale in comparison to The Lounge, a multimedia paradise that makes sure your event is engaging. StoneFire Pizza Company also offers private waitstaffs and personalized buffets, so your guests will get the fine service they deserve. Choose from one of our catered menus or create a custom spread that will make your next event unforgettable.


Contact us today to find out how StoneFire Pizza Company can help you throw a perfect team bonding night, awards celebration, or end-of-the-season bash! We’re the perfect location for your team to celebrate a season well played.

The Team Night Out is a package that is great for both youth and adult teams. Put us in coach!

A 18% service charge will be added to all parties and groups.

Groups and Meetings Packages

All packages require a 10 person minimum



$24.45 per guest

AYCE Buffet
$20 Game Card


$27.17 per guest

AYCE Buffet $25 Game Card


$35.35 per guest

$25 Game Card VIP Wristband


$46.24 per guest

AYCE Buffet $25 Game Card VIP Wristband 1 Hour Time Play

Saturday & Sunday


$27.17 per guest

AYCE Buffet $20 Game Card


$29.90 per guest

AYCE Buffet $25 Game Card


$42.16 per guest

AYCE Buffet $25 Game Card VIP Wristband


$50.32 per guest

AYCE Buffet $25 Game Card VIP Wristband 1hour Time Play

  • $25.00 room charge per 10 people for private room (upon availability)
  • Packages include a private room upon availability
  • Groups must be booked, at least, 24 hours in advance
  • All bookings require a $50 non-refundable deposit
  • A 18% gratuity will be added to all party and group event packages

Groups must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. All bookings require a $50, non-refundable deposit with credit card. A 18% gratuity will be added to all party and group event packages.

Groups and meeting packages pricing applies for groups of 10 or more.

Custom Events

Can’t find the right party or event listed? Don’t worry about it! The staff at StoneFire Pizza Company is ready to tailor a custom experience for your next event with ten or more guests.

We are ready to provide everything you will need to make your event memorable – waitstaff service, personalized buffet, and other accommodations.

Want the place to yourself? The entire 40,000-square-foot StoneFire Pizza Company can be reserved for a one-of-a-kind experience. All the food, fun, and memories available only to you and your guests. We can accommodate your group either during or after our regular business hours.

All of our party rooms and dining areas are at your disposal, as well as our games and attractions. Don’t want to bother with game cards? We can set all of our cutting-edge games to unlimited play so your guests can bounce from fun to more fun.

Minimum amounts may be required – please inquire for more information!

Youth Groups/Field Trips

Kids want to have fun on field trips – so why not take them to StoneFire Pizza Company? Our establishment is ideal for field trips with our wide array of food options, games, and attractions that should appeal to all of our guests. Field trips at StoneFire Pizza Company are great for sports teams, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, schools, church groups – really any organization! Daycares, feel free to bring in your young children. Guests 2 & under who are part of a group are only $3 + tax and gratuity.

All events are required to make a $50 non-refundable deposit upon booking. For groups that are tax exempt, be sure to bring in your tax exemption forms.

Post Proms & Lock-Ins

Even in high school, there’s that kid inside of you that just wants to run around and have a good time. StoneFire Pizza Company is a popular destination for Post-Prom parties and various types of Lock-In events.

Rent It All

Reserve all 40,000 square feet for your ideal celebration! One of our most requested packages, StoneFire Pizza Company is available after hours and can be tailored to your specifications. You and your guests will have access to 4 attractions, over 100 arcade games, 4 dining rooms, 8 party rooms and all non-ticket games can be set for unlimited play!