New Berlin’s best pizza and kids birthday parties!

We can make your fun family day come true! You’re ready to go out, but you know most places are poorly staffed, with poor quality and not worth your time or hard-earned money.

Stonefire is staffed! We have some of the best quality that money can buy! Where everyone is cutting down, we are adding more rides, games, and new pizzas, including Chicago deep dish! We will make that gamble a sure win over the holidays! Let’s have a day of fun & fabulous food together!

See you soon!

We are open 7 days a week.

Monday through Friday all the games in our game room open at 11 am.

Attractions/ Rides opening at 4pm Monday through Friday and open all day on Sat and Sunday.


Birthday Parties


Original 2006 Ownership &
Management team Returns

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