Rides will be open at 11am March 27th - April 9th for Spring Breakers. Rides always open on the weekends.

Game Card Combos 7days a week.

Join us Easter Sunday April 9th we will have a special guest "The Easter Bunny" egg hunt on fun floor and pictures with the Easter Bunny from 11am-6pm.


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Check Out Our Card Combos

Game Card Combos

These are valid from open to close all week long.

Here are our game card combos! The ultimate package including your all you can eat buffet and a game card. Upgrade to our VIP package and add in unlimited rides!

If you have 4 or more in your family, don’t skip our Family 4 Pack! $20 worth of games for each family member included with you all you can eat buffet. Don’t pass this up!

General Dining Prices

Mon-Fri 11AM-3PM

SENIOR – $15.65
MILITARY: $15.65

Mon-Fri After 3pm & Weekends

SENIOR: $20.83
MILITARY: $20.83

*2 and under always FREE*

*11 and over for adult buffet pricing

VIP Wristband $13.63 includes: bumper cars, frog hopper, bounce house and fun wall.

Game Card Point Value

$1.00 = 4 points
$5.00 = 20 points
$10.00 = 48 points ($12 value!)
Supercharge $2 = 12 more points! ($3 value)
$20.00 = 100 points ($25 value!)
Supercharge $3 = 24 more points! ($6 value)
$25.00 = 132 points ($33 Value!)
Supercharge $4 = 36 more points! ($9 value)
$35.00 = 200 points ($50 value!)